Heather Phillips

Therapist, Owner | Oak Ridge Counseling Center
(865) 298-5669 text available
(509) 993-6245 cell


My Story

I decided to become a mental health therapist at an early age after my own experience with a caring mental health professional made a huge difference in my life.

When I was old enough, I attended Gonzaga University where I received my Bachelor of Psychology. I immediately went to work in the field as a Psychiatric Residential Counselor. After several years in the field, I took some time off to become a Chemical Dependency Professional (CDP) and then went right back into a series of varied positions in the mental health field while also gaining a Masters in Education, followed by a Masters of Clinical Mental Health Counseling.

In my career, I have experienced the mental health field in a wide range of settings; everything from treatment & recovery centers to community mental health institutions to the court system & in-school therapy. Finally, in 2015, I opened my own private practice out of a desire to provide better care and understanding to individuals affected by trauma; especially those who had suffered negative experiences from previous counselors.

My desire for the Oak Ridge Counseling Center is to build a place of peace and healing, filled with understanding counselors who share my vision and understanding of trauma-informed care, so that hurting individuals will always find a place where they can gain understanding, relaxation, and balance that will carry them forward through the rest of their lives.