Dustin is our office manager, but he’s also a lot more than that.  He’s a father, husband, and student who is currently completing his bachelor’s in psychology through MTSU and will soon be moving on to grad school. He is a survivor of sustained, long-term trauma who can relate to just about anyone regarding just about anything. From childhood traumas, to grief, divorce, military service, depression, PTSD, isolation, ideation, religious trauma, the affects of alcoholism and abuse, the foster system (as a foster parent), human trafficking, and all manner of men’s issues, Dustin likes to help other people navigate life’s stressors because he did it alone for a good chunk of his life and realized it wasn’t sustainable that way.

He’s a veteran of the military intelligence community, where his love for mental health was first born as an intelligence collector who had to understand peoples’ motivations in order to accomplish the mission. He spent time with numerous cultures throughout the world including in the Horn of Africa, Central America, and the many island cultures of Hawaii.

A life-long writer and self-published author, his current focus is on a memoir called “Depravity and Defiance,” which he hopes will exemplify the level of self-analysis required not only to live in the depraved world some of us have been taught that we should live in, but to rise above it and change our own realities. Need help with a writing project? Ask him about writer’s coaching or group workshops!

Dustin and his wife (Amanda Stitt, a local ER nurse) run The Gypsy and The Bard, LLC, and sell candles, jewelry, and essential oil products that are displayed in our lobby. Dustin offers one on one and group jewelry making classes in addition to the writing classes.

Lastly, Dustin runs our mentorship program at the counseling center and believes in empowering participants through a number of experiences and honest discussions. You can reach out to him about the program as well as about scheduling, billing and payment, therapist availability, upcoming activities, or virtually anything else related to the counseling center.

Dustin Stitt

Office Manager | Oak Ridge Counseling Center
(865) 298-5669 Office | 865-282-4403 Cell
161 Robertsville Rd. Ste A, 
Oak Ridge, TN 37830